How our partnerships benefit our customers

With thousands of global customers, JDA has built a track record of incredible success across all industries by tackling every supply chain challenge head on, and winning. But we haven’t done it alone. Far from it! Instead, we have relied on a network of successful partners to resell, recommend and implement our industry-leading solutions. These partnerships provide seamless, unprecedented access to all the expertise you need to achieve supply chain success. Whether you’re seeking complementary hardware and software solutions, systems integration advice or looking to implement best practices, JDA Partner Advantage provides the expertise you need to achieve your goals.

Introducing JDA Partner Advantage

Because our partners are such an integral part of our business, we launched a new partner program - JDA Partner Advantage.  This new program breaks down the barriers and streamlines the partnership process, resulting in even greater benefits for both of us, that’s where the win-win comes in.  As a partner, you can build on these win-win opportunities by leveraging your relationship with JDA to realize revenue growth and expanded sales opportunities.

Why join? Why not!

JDA Partner Advantage has been designed based on feedback from our existing partners. The goal of this new and improved program is to make collaboration as easy as possible by utilizing a common set of resources, including:
  • Tiered structure that recognizes the wide-ranging contributions of our partners
  • Simplified administrative processes
  • Relationship platform to provide tools and resources and interact with JDA 24-7
  • Education opportunities that build mastery of JDA solutions
  • Incremental demand generation activities

Learn more about JDA Partner Advantage

If your company can deliver unique strengths in these areas, we want to hear from you:

  • Consulting and implementation, including software specification and installation, project management, change optimization, strategic business services, technical optimization and education
  • Software and technology solutions that complement JDA’s leadership in supply chain, retail operations, transportation, manufacturing, collaboration, performance management and revenue management
  • Hardware solutions that are built to support and complement JDA software, offering customers “one-stop shopping” for all their technology infrastructure needs
  • Value-added reselling services aimed at promoting, pricing, selling and implementing JDA solutions as part of a lower delivery cost model

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