Special Interest Groups

Have your voice heard

JDA has created more than 40 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that regularly bring JDA software users together to network, share best practices and benefit from lessons learned. By joining a JDA Special Interest Group (SIG), you can maximize your company's investment in JDA solutions, collaborate with other supply chain professionals, contribute feedback directly to the product team, and gain first-look insight into JDA product enhancement plans.

Be Part of the In-Crowd

SIG members enjoy fulfilling experiences through community involvement. Three community MVPs recently shared their experiences at JDA ICON. SIG members enjoy fulfilling experiences through community involvement. Three community MVPs recently shared their experiences at JDA ICON.

Being a SIG member has its perks. SIG members receive exclusive benefits such as early distribution of pre-release documents, first notification of when a new service release is available, and priority invitation to present at ICON.

But it's not all about perks, SIG members are a community. SIGs provide a forum for product users, JDA product management, and product development to share best practices, information and ideas, product functionality and utilization while also helping to influence product direction and enhancements.

Have your voice heard

Do you wish JDA would add a new feature or additional functionality to the software you’re using? SIGs provide a direct line of communication to JDA’s product team. Not only can you contribute important feedback that influences the future direction of JDA solutions, but you’ll also gain an insider’s perspective on JDA’s software development plans. SIG members are often the first to learn of planned solution upgrades and enhancements.

"Being a SIG member has allowed me access to the SIG community forum which gives me an invaluable feed of ideas and solutions from fellow users where I can see the challenges that other users are facing and learn from the innovative solutions suggested to them. This has given me specific ideas for improvement or correction on several occasions for my business, helping to save us time and money."

  • Denise Sabo
    Denise Sabo
    Users Group President
  • Randy Buffon
    Randy Buffon
    Users Group Vice President
  • Paul Longshaw
    Paul Longshaw
    Users Group Vice President
  • Jon Mayes
    Jon Mayes
    Users Group Administrative Director

Is there a SIG for you? The answer is probably Yes!

To meet a diverse range of user needs, JDA has created more than 40 Special Interest Groups. Log in to support.jda.com and join one or more of these SIGs today!

  • Advanced Replenishment
  • Allocation
  • Assortment Management
  • Assortment Optimization
  • Category Knowledge Base
  • Channel Clustering
  • Collaborate
  • Demand
  • Direct Commerce
  • Dispatcher WMS
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Enterprise Store Operations
  • Enterprise Supply Planning
  • Factory Planner
  • Floor Planning
  • Fulfillment
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Lifecycle Pricing
  • Luminate Personalized Assortment
  • Order Optimization
  • Merch. Mgmt for Home Furnishings
  • Merchandise Management System
  • Network Design
  • Order Promiser
  • Planogram Generator
  • Portfolio Merchandise Management
  • S&OP
  • Seasonal Profiling
  • Sequencing
  • Size Scaling
  • Space Automation
  • Space Planning
  • Store Operations for Grocery
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Labor Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Workforce Management