How can Enterprise Supply Planning help my business?

In today’s world of supply chain disruptions and demand volatility, you can’t create static plans and then update them daily or weekly. Instead, you need to continuously plan and replan as conditions change, driving speed and agility. Enter JDA Enterprise Supply Planning. It dynamically updates and optimizes plans on demand at any time of day, based on information updates. Plus, its flexible dashboard enables real-time communication between planners for more effective collaboration and consensus building. Unmatched in speed and scalability, this solution gives you a certain edge in an uncertain world.


  • High visibility, enabling accurate and always-on master production planning
  • Ability to deliver profitable, expedient resolutions to disruptions and safety-stock issues
  • What-if scenario analysis enables planners to confidently predict results


  • Improved margins due to greater resiliency
  • Faster response to disruptions
  • Decreased supply chain costs
  • Enhanced service levels

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