Luminate Personalized Assortment

End-to-End Consumer Insights

End-to-End Consumer Insights

In today’s competitive retail marketplace, you cannot afford to get your assortments wrong.  Margins are tighter than ever and there is increased pressure to make business decisions that consider environmental impacts.   Consumers have multiple purchasing options and if you don’t have what they want, they will find it from somewhere else.  To stay one step ahead of your competition and increase your sustainability efforts, you must align your assortments with localized customer preferences that meet demand, minimize markdowns and reduce waste.   

 Using AI/ML insights to predict local demand and customer preferences, assortment recommendations are made at a more granular level to the individual stores increasing merchandiser productivity and accuracy. JDA Personalized Assortment, a SaaS solution that enables collaboration across your organization, empowers employees with robust localized recommendations, increases customer loyalty by having the right product available, and optimizes assortments across channels creating greater efficiency across your supply chain. 

More Profitable Distribution Decisions

Localized assortments and targeted buying minimize your inventory investment and maximize margins and ROI.
Maximize Margins and ROI

Unlimited Scalability and Accessibility

Built on the cloud to help you stay agile in today’s changing retail environment.
Real-time Updates

Eliminate the Guesswork

Data-driven insights reduce risk for more accurate and confident decision making.
Reduce Risk

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