Luminate Demand Edge

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience with Cognitive Demand Planning

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience with Cognitive Demand Planning

Reduce inventory out-of-stock rates and improve productivity with Luminate Demand Edge. JDA’s industry-leading demand planning solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) to deliver game-changing forecast accuracy. Develop highly accurate, probabilistic demand forecasts that go beyond traditional forecasting methods to incorporate hundreds of demand factors enabling you to make more informed, risk-aware business decisions. The new natural language interface of Luminate Demand Edge provides a clearer picture of what requires your attention. Running on Microsoft® Azure®, this cognitive, SaaS solution updates in real-time, preventing delays in your important planning schedule.

Higher Return on Investment

Luminate Demand Edge looks at hundreds of external factors and then calculates a probabilistic demand forecast with a calculated business impact and risk.


Reduced Out-of-Stock Rate

Improved Recommendations

Luminate Demand Edge takes an outside-in forecasting approach, enabling organizations to accurately incorporate hundreds of variables to calculate the true drivers of real-time demand.


Forecast Accuracy Levels

Greater Sustainability

With Luminate Demand Edge, you can now predict demand with even greater accuracy to improve customer service without adding inventory to the supply chain.


Reduced Waste

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