More POGs (PDQ) with myPG - Introducing Planogram Generator Client (myPG). Match POGs to local consumers using just your laptop!


You can become a planogram hero by letting automation produce more planograms with better sales performance, quicker. Companies like yours realize the sales growth experienced with localized planograms, but they also realize the related cost and time constraints of scaling to produce that many plans! Globally, companies are using JDA Planogram Generator (enterprise edition) to give them additional scale. Now, JDA has released an individual client version of Planogram Generator that allows you to knock out hundreds of POGs standalone. This new version – my JDA Planogram Generator Client (myPG) – only requires the latest release of JDA Space Planning. With the right training and experience, you can be on your way to becoming the planogram hero – more POGs, faster and with better performance!