Arnott's - JDA Real Results

In 1865, a small bakery opened on Hunter Street in Newcastle, NSW, north of Sydney. It supplied bread, pies and biscuits to the local residents and to the crews of the many ships that docked at the port to load coal. From these humble beginnings rose a company whose name is now synonymous with Australia’s favorite biscuits. Today Arnott’s has some of the most iconic brands and is one of the largest food companies in Australia, making everyday moments a little more delicious. 

According to Wendell Rumbel, Demand Planning Manager at Arnott’s, technology has played a key role in their organization to deliver on their promises to customers. “I’ve always worked with a belief that technology is not our ‘reason for being’ at Arnott’s. Our reason for being is; we make ‘real food that matters for life’s moments.’ The purpose of technology is to assist us in being more effective and efficient. However, like assets in our plants, if we don’t maintain and renew them, they become less efficient and ineffective and run risks of ‘major’ issues”.

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