Rapidly evolving market dynamics are driving the need for a world-class technology ecosystem. As “things” are becoming more connected, and machines and devices are becoming smarter, meeting the demand of the “customer of one” is more complex than ever. Innovating to address the needs of today’s digital world and bring value to our customers, JDA is bringing together best-in-class technology partners that will rapidly expand, accelerate and extend JDA’s capabilities. As we continue our pivot to the digital supply chain, partnering with technology leaders in areas including the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, RFID, Industry 4.0 and more will deliver significant enhancements to the breadth and depth of capabilities we enable for our clients.

Driving value with digital partnerships
As part of JDA’s Digital Edge initiative, we are enhancing the JDA solution portfolio to deliver digital transformation across the supply chain planning, retail and execution markets by leveraging advancements in digital data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This will enable JDA to become the leading provider of autonomous supply chain solutions by connecting the end-to-end digital supply chain across manufacturing production, fulfillment, wholesale distribution and warehousing – all the way downstream to the retail shelf. To accomplish this, we plan to:

  • Partner with best-in-class technology partners
  • Drive enhanced analytics through data insights
  • Deliver real-time supply chain visibility and traceability
  • Connect consumer sentiment to planning and execution
What is your digital transformation plan?
Organizations need to evolve their supply chains and move toward digitalization to best respond to their “new consumers” by sensing and shaping demand, using data gathered from the IoT, as well as other customer-related data points. Bringing together disparate data signals – from social media, news, events, weather, IoT, etc. – leads to significantly improved visibility and recommendations across the extended supply chain, which can be instantly acted upon in transactional systems via human and machine-to-machine interfaces. Companies with global supply chains are discovering that digitalization is enabling a wide variety of improvements, from competitive differentiation, revenue and profitability gains, better utilization of assets and faster time to market to improved customer service, greater velocity and enhanced visibility.