Digital Supply Chain For Dummies: Strategies for leveraging virtual reality, IoT and advanced analytics!

It’s no secret that the digital supply chain transformation is heavily underway among retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers. Learn how to build and capitalize on digitalization. From production to warehouse to shipping to retail, organizations can use modern supply chain technology to revamp, revitalize and refine their processes to gain a competitive advantage.
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Supply Chain For Dummies: Learn how to manage your supply chain more efficiently and profitably!

Supply chains of the 21st century are more complex and dynamic than ever before. How efficiently and profitably companies can plan, source, make, and deliver products to their customers is what separates industry leaders from laggards. To drive real business value and results in today’s competitive global economy, a best-in-class supply chain is critical to business success.
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Profitable Omni-Channel For Dummies: Deliver profitable customer commerce while driving superior customer experiences!

Retail customers of the 21st century are more complex and demanding than ever before. This consumer is your new boss, and whether you like it or not, the old methodology of analyzing past sales and shipping everything to your stores will no longer suffice. How efficiently and profitably retailers can deliver products to their customers is what separates the winners and losers.
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