A New Age of Supply Chain is Here

An age where automation predicts demand, navigates disruptions, and keeps your business ahead of unpredictable buying trends. The autonomous supply chain doesn't just respond; it leads. Backed by AI and the right data, your company can move forward into the future prepared for any market and industry.

Supply Chain Success

Supply Chain Success

Capturing data is only the beginning. Digital transformation is the key to success. Learn how to leverage new technologies.
Walmart & JDA

Walmart & JDA

Walmart uses JDA WFM to allow 1.1 million store associates to view schedules, swap shifts, and pick up unfilled shifts.
Smarter Supply Chains

Smarter Supply Chains

New technologies are making supply chains smarter by increasing their predictability, transparency, and speed of delivery.

Sprint Real Results

Sprint Corporation's Hemantha Pagadala sits down and talks with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, JDA ICON reporter, to discuss the partnership and success Sprint has seen with JDA solutions. Sprint is a global telecom company that has over 50 million customers.

As Sprint's Application Development Network Manager, Hemantha discusses the digital transformation they have seen with the automation available with JDA. Sprint was able to move from manual forecasting to an automated system that reduced planning time by approximately 80%.

Giving Back to the Global Community

JDA supports the efforts of its associates to be actively involved in the improvement of our community through volunteerism. The intention of this benefit is to support activities that enhance and serve the communities in which we operate. At the same time, we recognize that participating in these activities will enrich and inspire the lives of our associates.

We’ve formed close partnerships with many charitable organizations, especially Samaritan’s Feet, which has donated 6.5 million shoes to needy children in 75 countries. Learn more about this campaign at www.samaritansfeet.org/jda.

JDA is a leader in ALL 4 Gartner Supply Chain Magic Quadrants!

Innovation doesn't happen overnight. At JDA, we've invested more than 30 years in it, and we’re recognized by Gartner as a leading supply chain provider powering today’s digital transformation. Read and see what Gartner analysts say about how JDA is changing the game in supply chain and retail.
  • Transportation Management Systems
    2019 Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems
    2019 Magic Quadrant Warehouse Management Systems
  • Sales & Operations Planning
    2019 Magic Quadrant for Sales & Operations Planning
  • Supply Chain Planning
    2018 Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning
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